Hooi - 26 / 6 / 2020

The hay consists of a first early cuttings from the 'Hooiland Lepidoptarium, Houthem'. This former field has been cultivated for more than one hundred and fifty years. Due to the nitrogen and other nutrients present in the soil, this field has undergone a special development. Plowing the land Preparation for manual sowing has awakened the field thistle seeds that have been waiting for years. These displaced the sown native wild flowers, which meant that this intervention had to take place in the field. The work 'Hay' originated as a residue of the process, the intervention in the cultural landscape. It's like a photo, capturing a moment, a time frame. An era that provides insight into what has been and what will take place as a result of this intervention in the cultural landscape. Together with other works resulting from the mowing of this and other fields over the next two years, these will be shown in the solo exhibition  Lepidoptarium at Museum De Domijnen in 2022.

Hay, consisting of field thistle, grass and indigenous herbs. Size: 120 x 160 cm